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Vernier Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta

Logger Pro for Linux is based on the upcoming Logger Pro 3.7 for Windows and Mac. While the Linux version does not include all the features shared by Windows and Mac, it provides most of the core functionality for data collection and analysis. Have a look : Download : It works great !! …

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RoxApps Debian Depots

RoxSciences Project Wiki ## RoxApps Depots for debian (ubuntu) apt-get deb ./ deb ./ deb ./ deb ./

Domains names for RoxApps

There are new domains names for RoxApps, Roxsciences, Knosciences and Knomath wiki :

Vernier Logger Lite 1.4 for GNU/Linux is out !!

If, like me, you’re enjoying the Vernier products everyday (Go!Temp, Go! Link, Go! Motion, LabPro, etc …) for physics, chemistry & Biology data collection, here is a really big news : LoggerLite 1.4 works near perfectly on GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04LTS !! (and perhaps on most Debian derivative too – Working on Ubuntu 8.10 but you’ll …

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KnoMath 1.2

KnoMath 1.2 is out for the RMLL !