Vernier Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta

Logger Pro for Linux is based on the upcoming Logger Pro 3.7 for Windows and Mac. While the Linux version does not include all the features shared by Windows and Mac, it provides most of the core functionality for data collection and analysis.

Have a look :
Download :

It works great !! Finaly it’s here on my GNU/Linux Box !

Key Features
* Collect data real-time from over 50 sensors
* Powerful analysis tools to help students hypothesize experiments, interpret their data, form conclusions, and inspire inquiry
* Visualize data with graphs, meters, and displays to connect data and learning

Public Beta Release Notes:
* The existing release of Logger Lite for Linux is not compatible with Logger Pro for Linux. Remove Logger Lite before installing Logger Pro for Linux. A later release of Logger Lite may make it possible to have both applications installed at the same time.
* There are two installation packages. Both are required for communication with interfaces. They must installed in order of driver then software. Double click on each in turn to run the package installer.
* Logger Pro for Linux will appear in the Applications/Education menu after it is installed.

Be sure to join the beta discussion forum:,9.0.html