thymioHTTP: Control the Thymio Robot with Berkeley Snap! or Python

The main goal of this project is to provide an access to the Thymio(s) from the Berkeley Snap!, Scratch+++ like programming langage. This is a javascript node-based application that create an ws:// access to the thymio-device-manager running under Thymio Suite 2.x and provide an HTTP REST simple API to control the Thymio(s).

Because we want the Thymio to be as indépendant as possible from Wireless or USB, we created SnapToAseba, a codification tool that convert Thymio Snap! code to Aseba code and run it on the Real device :

Get thymioHTTP here :

Compiler Qt sur raspberrypi

RPCS3 Qt Linux Graphical bug resolution

RPCS3 est un émulateur libre de PlayStation 3. Il est écrit en C++ et est disponible sur Windows et GNU/Linux. Son développement a débuté en 2011. Bien que l’émulateur soit devenu globalement stable, il reste cependant des fonctionnalités manquantes, une fluidité parfois insuffisante et quelques problèmes d’affichage.

./rpcs3-lastest_linux64.AppImage --dpi-rounding 1

Please go to : to test the beast 🙂

Scan network & write hosts names

nmap -sn | egrep "scan report" | awk '{print $6 " -> " $5}'

RaspberryPi 1280×1024 resolution in dietpi

Edit the config.txt file on the sdcard
nano /DietPi/config.txt and change the appropriate lines to be:

# hdmi_safe=1

# hdmi_group=2 sets to DMT

# hdmi_mode=35 sets display to 1280x1024 @60Hz

# hdmi_drive=2 sets to normal HDMI with sound

# config_hdmi_boost=5 boosts signal can go as high as 9