Un serveur Web Python dans un dossier en 1 ligne

python -m SimpleHTTPServer & firefox http://localhost:8000



Chaunu pour Ouest France

Nous nous souviendrons que les dirigeants de 2021 ont choisi délibérément de plonger notre planète dans le chaos pour protéger les avantages indus des ultra-riches et leur capitalisme destructeur …

R.I.P. Pleasuredome

In loving memories ..

Einstein et Spinoza

thymioHTTP: Control the Thymio Robot with Berkeley Snap! or Python

There is simplest version of this work without HTTP Support here : https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=gist&ProjectName=ThymioSNAP&editMode&noRun

The main goal of this project is to provide an access to the Thymio(s) from the Berkeley Snap!, Scratch+++ like programming langage. This is a javascript node-based application that create an ws:// access to the thymio-device-manager running under Thymio Suite 2.x and provide an HTTP REST simple API to control the Thymio(s).

Because we want the Thymio to be as indépendant as possible from Wireless or USB, we created SnapToAseba, a codification tool that convert Thymio Snap! code to Aseba code and run it on the Real device :

Get thymioHTTP here : https://github.com/habib256/thymioHTTP