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Making a SD card for the Raspberry Pi from an image with ddrescue.

On GNU/Linux : The SD card may be presented on any device like /dev/sdx so use on the Terminal the command lsblk  or sudo fdisk -lu to check.   sudo apt-get install gddrescue xz-utils unxz myimage-raspberry-pi.img.xz sudo ddrescue -D –force myimage-raspberry-pi.img /dev/sdx   On MacOSX : On MacOsx you’ll need a real package handler aka : …

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Oracle Java 7 under Ubuntu GNU/Linux

This repository provides a Debian package with the script and the same support files as in the support tarball. Setting things up is a bit more work, but the script will be properly integrated in your system. Additional advantages: a possibly installed out-of-date sun-java6 installation will be removed completely and if you keep the software …

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