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Qemu-knosciences-0.9 ( x86 vs PPC )

Tjcw, a cool guy who watch knosciences evolution made a knosciences-0.9 CD that behave under windows like any windows applications……. Well, in fact, this is kinda slow on my 1,6GHz x86. But it worked perfectly from the start to the end. Get the torrent there, it should be great with much processor speed 🙂 http://home.btconnect.com/chrisandcarolyn/torrents/knosciences-0.9.-qemu-0.7.0.iso.torrent …

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Knosciences 0.9 is here !

Knosciences is much easy to run now; enjoy that release 🙂 Download it here : http://knosciences.tuxfamily.org