Vernier Logger Lite 1.4 for GNU/Linux is out !!

If, like me, you’re enjoying the Vernier products everyday (Go!Temp, Go! Link, Go! Motion, LabPro, etc …) for physics, chemistry & Biology data collection, here is a really big news :

LoggerLite 1.4 works near perfectly on GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04LTS !!
(and perhaps on most Debian derivative too – Working on Ubuntu 8.10 but you’ll need to compile your own kernel module from source)

Get it while it’s HOT !
(Yes, this is loggerlite netbook edition but it will work on any computer with Ubuntu 8.04 GNU/Linux !)

Logger Lite makes collecting science and math data easier than ever. Designed for use in grades 2-8, Logger Lite’s simple interface makes learning more intuitive by making science more visual.