Installing moodle 2.6 on 1&1 Host

moodle-logoAs for now (September 2014), 1&1 still use Mysql server 5.1.73.You can’t use Moodle 2.7 because it need Mysql server 5.5.31.

First, you need to go to and download the lastest 2.6 version of moodle.

Decompress it on your htdocs directory and create a new directory at htdocs root : moodledata.

Protect the moodledata dir by putting inside a little .htaccess file that contain :

order deny,allow
deny from all

Then chmod 700 moodledata

Edit file moodle/install.php with nano. Search with Ctrl-W for “dataroot_insecure”. Then change “while(is_dataroot_insecure()) {” to “while(FALSE) {” two times.

Go to : “”.

Choose your newly created datadir “/homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/moodledata”.

Some time after, configure your database like this :

moodledbconfigThe hard part is done. Just continue to the end of the installation.

Do not forget to renew your : ” chmod 700 moodledata” because moodle put 777 on it. Silly moodle !

Ooh no ! It’s still not working at all ..  No icons in moodle, dead menu links !!!

Log into Moodle and go there directly with the URL:

Untick the top box for slash arguments and save. Hopefully all of your pictures and links should then start working.

Do not forget to add a cron job like this :

/usr/bin/php5.5 /kunden/homepages/xx/dxxxxxxxx/htdocs/moodle/admin/cli/cron.php >/dev/null

Have Fun with your new 1&1 moodle.