Sep 21

Installing moodle 2.6 on 1&1 Host

moodle-logoAs for now (September 2014), 1&1 still use Mysql server 5.1.73.You can’t use Moodle 2.7 because it need Mysql server 5.5.31.

First, you need to go to https://download.moodle.org/releases/supported/ and download the lastest 2.6 version of moodle.

Decompress it on your htdocs directory and create a new directory at htdocs root : moodledata.

Protect the moodledata dir by putting inside a little .htaccess file that contain :

order deny,allow
deny from all

Then chmod 700 moodledata

Edit file moodle/install.php with nano. Search with Ctrl-W for “dataroot_insecure”. Then change “while(is_dataroot_insecure()) {” to “while(FALSE) {” two times.

Go to : “www.mywebsite.com/moodle/”.

Choose your newly created datadir “/homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/moodledata”.

Some time after, configure your database like this :

moodledbconfigThe hard part is done. Just continue to the end of the installation.

Do not forget to renew your : ” chmod 700 moodledata” because moodle put 777 on it. Silly moodle !

Ooh no ! It’s still not working at all ..  No icons in moodle, dead menu links !!!

Log into Moodle and go there directly with the URL:

Untick the top box for slash arguments and save. Hopefully all of your pictures and links should then start working.

Do not forget to add a cron job like this :

/usr/bin/php5.5 /kunden/homepages/xx/dxxxxxxxx/htdocs/moodle/admin/cli/cron.php >/dev/null

Have Fun with your new 1&1 moodle.