libgtk1.2 deb for Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 32bits

libgtk1.2 is not installed/installable, since it was removed from karmic 🙁
So i build a libglib1.2 & a libgtk1.2 32bits packages for karmic from source !

Get it here :

Then install all the .deb files with : $sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Have Fun with it and read the rest of the post if you want to build it on another architecture.

=== How to build libgtk1.2 on Karmic ===

sudo apt-get install autotools-dev fakeroot dh-make build-essential
sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libxext-dev libxi-dev libxmu-dev x-dev

#========== Compiling libgdk+1.2 =================
#Download files from Ubuntu :

tar xzvf glib1.2_1.2.10.orig.tar.gz
cd glib-1.2.10/

gunzip ../glib1.2_1.2.10-19build1.diff.gz
patch -p1 < ../glib1.2_1.2.10-19build1.diff
cp ../glib1.2_1.2.10.orig.tar.gz ../glib-1.2.10.orig.tar.gz

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

cd ..
sudo dpkg -i libglib1.2*

#========== Compiling libgtk+1.2 =================
#Download files from Ubuntu :

tar xzvf gtk+1.2_1.2.10.orig.tar.gz
cd gtk+-1.2.10/

gunzip ../gtk+1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2.diff.gz
patch -p1 < ../gtk+1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2.diff
cp ../gtk+1.2_1.2.10.orig.tar.gz ../gtk+-1.2.10.orig.tar.gz


# Change ligne 176 from file : gtk+-1.2.10/debian/rules to
dh_makeshlibs -plibgtk1.2 -V “libgtk1.2 (>= ${version}-4)”

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

cd ..
sudo dpkg -i ../libgtk1.2*